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Packing materials:

International shipping is different from domestic shipping, long distance and long time span. It covers shipping in seller country, trans-coutry shipping and shipping in buyers country.  We can image the domestic shipping, but  we cannt image what the packages will encounter.  Maybe romantic, maybe miserable world to your item.Also, we cannt image what kind of air temp which your items will meet..

However, We have more than 10 yeas experience, we can pack them very well. 

What material we use:

We will pack your item according to our experience and clients feedback

Shipping to some south American countries and southern African countries always takes a long time, and items could held by the customs, the each post sorting center and warehouse, the packing could meet all kinds of trouble. especially, the Customs could open the box or bag to check security. Who knows what will happen to the package..., Any way, safe shipping is the first key issue here. Your CPF account could also delay and affect the packing. so that your detailed contact information is deadly welcome.

"Your 100% satisfaction is our goal. Less excuse, More done; Less temper, More smile."

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