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Guarantee and Warranty

International 6-month guarantee

1. You get 6-month guarantee from the date you pay for your item. Internation shipping order. Keep your shipping label in safe place and show the shipping label to us if you claim guarantee. It is helpful for us to check when we shipped and which shipping service provider we shipped from, so that both you and us can cost down the shipping charge. After all, international shipping costs too much.
2. Check the return shipping costs, so that we can decide how we solve the international shipping label problem. In most of cases, we cannt buy the shipping labels, so that would you please do us the favor to check the shipping with your local post office or expedited shipping service provider.
3. Return the item to us, we will check problem of items after we get the item(s),and negotiate with you about the money refund or resend you the items. everything done then. Thanks